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Mea Culpa

Halloween Special 2014. I believe in Happy Halloween and Creepy Christmas, at least where specials are concerned – watch out for December! (My exams are not over. And I have a date for tonight. I just love the WordPress schedule … Continue reading

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Healing Point

This really is the end. Promise. And… wow, we’re done! Thanks for coming along on the ride. “I say she is innocent of all wrongdoing and free from this moment forth,” Palpatine said solemnly. The best possible answer on the … Continue reading

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Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

Here, as promised – at last! – is the gap from Valentine. The title is a Latin phrase explained here. Minor characters with a (very) brief cameo from a (very) familiar one. Please note that Cifonabh is correctly pronounced KEE-foe-nahv. This was written … Continue reading

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