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Healing Point

This really is the end. Promise. And… wow, we’re done! Thanks for coming along on the ride. “I say she is innocent of all wrongdoing and free from this moment forth,” Palpatine said solemnly. The best possible answer on the … Continue reading

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Breaking Point – Part 2

It was quiet that evening. Strangely quiet. Neither of the two Padawans was in trouble with anybody else’s Master, or late with academic assignments, or ‘not speaking’ to any other Padawans, or working late in either the laboratory or the … Continue reading

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Sick Day

It was mid-afternoon of a cold, gray day on Coruscant, exactly the sort of day when no Padawan in their right mind wanted to study anything, let alone the ancient kings of nobody-could-remember-where. Well, Master Kenobi evidently could remember, and … Continue reading

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