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War Stories – 21

Sorry, it’s been a while, and I’ve been working silly hours and reading silly things in between times instead of being Useful and Productive.  Bad writer.  However.  Life goes on, for our favorite Jedi as well as for me.  Sarah… … Continue reading

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Let Me Teach You How To Dance

Today it’s a different piece of music, and we’re experimenting again.  Please read the introduction carefully. The real-Galaxy version of the story.  Thanks to Erin for suggesting it during a tennis match we had some years ago.  This is an early-days-era piece. Nasriel … Continue reading

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The Tap

I love the stories you can find in population statistics.  I read the census figures for fun.  This was just a natural result.  A Padawan’s-eye view of the numbers of the war.  Apologies to Obi-Wan – I didn’t want to do it, darling, but … Continue reading

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Betrachtungen Hinsichtlich die Steujankrise

An experiment in a new narrative technique. You may want to read this twice to work it out. A clue: Every time you hit ***, there’s a new narrator. The first three are Nasriel, Erirea, and Ben. After that you’re … Continue reading

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Healing Point

This really is the end. Promise. And… wow, we’re done! Thanks for coming along on the ride. “I say she is innocent of all wrongdoing and free from this moment forth,” Palpatine said solemnly. The best possible answer on the … Continue reading

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Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

Here, as promised – at last! – is the gap from Valentine. The title is a Latin phrase explained here. Minor characters with a (very) brief cameo from a (very) familiar one. Please note that Cifonabh is correctly pronounced KEE-foe-nahv. This was written … Continue reading

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Per Solum Hodie

Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! To celebrate: cameo-fest at Against The Shadows – see how many you can count! Answers at the end. They’re not all named, nor does everybody named necessarily show up in person, but I’ve tried to make … Continue reading

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Trip to Dar Valin

Ben kicked the bathroom door.  “Witch!  Get a chrono that works!  It’s my turn.” Groaning theatrically, Nasriel flicked the door open and sauntered into the main room of the quarters.  “Bestalk y hrabe kaliu artsu no l’saget,” she said amiably, … Continue reading

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