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Well, That’s Unfortunate…

As many of the residents of the Blue House know only too well, names tend to come at me out of nowhere in particular, and stick like blueberry bubblegum.  Princess Hastings.  Nasriel Threeb.  Kijé Yenseh.  Baral Favain.  Saalis. Um… it turns … Continue reading

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For The Occasion

This story contains one line borrowed from one of Erin’s (as yet) unpublished stories – so thanks a million, Erin – but uses it in a rather different context. Also several lines lifted from a song currently popular. Question is: which … Continue reading

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This is an unusually short clip for me, but it reveals something interesting about Padawan Threeb. The stuff after the asterisks was kindly donated by Erin. It was no later than usual, and the day had held no more heartbreaking … Continue reading

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