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Windows of the Soul – 1

200th post on Against the Shadows!  Thanks to everybody who’s stuck around – we’ve come a long way together: I couldn’t have done it without you. Okay, this one owes its roots to Erin’s Just In Case.  Which I went hunting for, … Continue reading

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A homeschooler’s response to being suddenly thrust into the midst of a bunch of ‘normal’ people her own age.  Let’s just say I wander around all day in a fog of total social bemusement. My figure for the total number of Padawans in the Order is based on a (canonical) … Continue reading

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Breaking Point – Part 20

My little story’s growing up! It’s out of its teens already. Can you believe this was going to be a quiet little short of 1500 max? So this would be a good time to thank Erin and VJ – and anyone else … Continue reading

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