I Promise

Just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for here.

I promise, on my honor as a Jedi, a Christian, and a loyal subject of Her Majesty the Queen:

  • Never to ship a non-canonical romance involving a canonical character. My characters love-lives are my problem.
  • Never to either state or imply that any romance I write is taken further than kissing. (Marriage is not romance.)
  • Never to kill, or permanently maim, or permanently damage, or allow to marry, any character not mine – for example: what I did to Kijé I will never do to Ben or Ahsoka. Even if it makes a good story. (I have killed Matthias Kenobi, Erin’s character, in that she picked when he died and I wrote it. I had her express written permission to do so.)
  • Never to knowingly use someone else’s non-canonical character without crediting them, either at Reference or my homepage or in the introduction to the story.
  • Never to permit any character – mine or not – who is of a garment-wearing species to walk around without said garments. If I ever have serious cause to do this – i.e. if it is absolutely essential to the plot – I will not be graphic and I will have another character, one who is in authority, call them on it very hard and very fast.
  • Never to imply that any character is in any way not of ‘straight’ orientation. If I ever mean this I will say it in such a way as to make the fact totally obvious to all readers over the age of eight.
  • Never to post on this blog anything as fact without first checking.
  • Never to post on this blog anything meriting a rating above T on the Fiction Rating scale.

If you find any examples of any of these points anywhere on my blog, they are totally unintentional, so please let me know and I’ll fix them immediately.


5 Responses to I Promise

  1. Well, you’re a very honorable lady. smiles happily Do I have a double-sided lightsaber?


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