People I like.

ErinKenobi2893: who writes some of the best AU fanfiction on the web. A good friend and a mean role-player, especially as Obi-Wan.

ruth baulding: who also writes seriously good fic. Cruel to her characters, but fantastic at descriptive writing.  Vanished sometime in October ’15 and brrrr-other do I miss her.

sarahtps: who writes the Friday Fives that are the highlight of my Saturday (eh, gotta love the date line) and brightens the comments section of the Shadows.

Irisbloom5: originally a friend of Erin’s – since she started being around WordPress more often, I’m proud to count her as a friend of mine too.

proverbs31teen: an actual published author, how cool is that?

The Teenaged Superhero Society: A chain story/roleplay between Erin, Sarah, Iris, proverbs31teen, and me. It’s been fairly quiet over there lately, I should look into it.

Professor VJ Duke: we met over at Erin’s.  I think he’s a Sith, he reciprocates, Erin referees. All’s well.

Liam the Head Phil: clever fellow. Notices the minutiae of writing and explains them for us laypeople.

John Hansen: the – somewhat erratic – host of the blog chain. That’s his official site on the link, but I’ve only ever actually seen him here.

Chavez and Enzo: My siblings, one of each, both younger. Not online yet, but I usually do like them and they are occasionally mentioned around here.


6 Responses to Friends

  1. Just saw this! laughing I might be a nice Sith.


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