Oya, vode!

As promised… quite a while ago: photos.  As y’all know, it was Star Wars day just lately, so of course I dressed up, and of course I took photos.  Here are the ‘saber ones.


This is… my lightsaber.  A pal of my brother’s showed me his one, which gave me the initial concept, I drew up the designs and sourced the parts, and my awepic father helped with technical difficulties and use-of-power-tools. (For reference: I was showing this to a friend… his first comment was ‘oh, right, your dad’s an engineer, isn’t he?’  Well, yes, but that is my design you are seeing working there!)

20170506_115218.jpgHere it is disassembled so you can see the bits, which are as follows:

25 cm x 1 in (I know, I know, hardware in New Zealand is weird, okay, we have to try and reconcile old Imperial stuff with new metric stuff all over the place) galvanized iron pipe with male threading at each end.  2 x 0.5 cm slot Dremeled in at about the middle – now that was a fun evening with sparks and slips of red-hot iron flying everywhere, not.

It says 3/4 in, it’s not, I checked, it’s 1 in and it screws onto the end, hexagonal dull brass blind cap.

Ditto double-female double-flanged socket connector with cute protrusions each side. Screws onto the other end.

1 in galvanised iron washer that I angle-ground the edges down on to make it screw into the socket connector – more red-hot iron flying everywhere, but on the other hand I learned how to use an angle-grinder on my own.  Screwed that sucker down and epoxied him in place with about a half-gram of my little sister’s Hockey-Stick Magic Repair Epoxy.

LedLenser small flashlight with the tactical switch (fancy word for ‘dude, the switch is on the end’) and an amazingly convenient keyring also on the end.  Shoved the focus setting right out to full narrow and duct-taped it in place.  More tape to pad the LED end, and to secure halves of a garden hose to either side (The hose was also Dad’s idea – I was going to use coreboard, which would not have worked in the slightest).  Note the slit in the hose; this shows up better in the next photo.

20170506_115323That random hook lying on the table is the (seriously bent and snipped way shorter) nipple end of a bicycle spoke – you can see the cap to the left.  The bead was about the third one I tried; it’s held on with thread and more Hockey Stick Magic.  The short end of the hook goes through the ring on the flashlight, the bead activates the switch when I press the threaded end of the soi-disant spoke.  Said end sticks out through first the slit in the hosepipe and then the hole in the casing, and the spoke cap stops it slipping back in when I don’t want it to.


Here’s the belt hook, which would inflict some serious damage if I ever took it into my head to brain someone with that end of the lightsaber rather than the emitter end, which as seen below would also not make the recipient too cheerful afterwards.  This photo incidentally also shows off my awesome leather-stitching skillz (not so, I lie, I have none whatever, this was a combination of a total fluke, brown thread left over from my cloak, and part of a 50c vinyl handbag – also it’s mostly held in place with Ados glue, the stitching just finishes it off tidily and gives me a nice grip-ridge).

The belt hook was ‘architected’ by me and actually made to work by Dad, and consists of (in order heading toward the center of the lightsaber) quite a lot of Araldite epoxy, a washer deliberately attached eccentrically, a gutter bolt that Dad and I cut most of the end off, about half a centimeter of oxygen-mask tubing to stop the whole thing rattling, a square nut, a washer, the leather casing and then the wall of the ‘saber, and another square nut that’s being held in place largely by the inside curvature of said ‘saber.  This assembly was designed to hang securely on an overalls-button clip, which it does quite successfully.

20170506_115436.jpgObserve conveniently person-braining end of lightsaber; also that it lights up; also the spoke-cap switch mechanism.  Sometime I plan to build a blade for this out of a polycarbonate pipe and another brass socket piece, because importing a blade is obscenely expensive; just need to find out how to get a reflector dish for the tip.

Anyway, that’s my lightsaber.  I’m insanely proud of it.

Photos of full rig to follow.

Thanks for reading!


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11 Responses to Lightsaber!

  1. It looks amazing! I’m planning on making a similar sort of “weapon” to go with my steampunk cosplays…


  2. sarahtps says:

    Your lightsaber is very impressive. Nice work! Also, genius idea making the belt-hook to hook onto an overalls-clip! I shall have to remember that!

    Does “tactical switch” mean an actual SWITCH on the end, or a button? Because if it just means a button, literally every flashlight I own except the two magnetic ones (which aren’t standard flashlight shape) has a tactical switch, and that makes me feel fancy.

    Also, so NZers say flashlight like Americans do? Not torch like Brits do? (Or did, at some point; I’m not sure how old most of my sources on that are.)


  3. So cool! What does your ring say? There’s something written on it and I can’t tell what it is. (Sorry, I’m seriously ADHD some days.)


  4. WM says:

    Much, much impressed. I’m pretty sure Bike spoke, Iron-pipe, Gas mask tube, and Handbag never thought they could work together on a project. 😀


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