Jedi Gear!

Previous post was ‘My lightsaber and how I built it’.  This post is ‘My new Jedi gear and how I built that’.  Basically I’m doing this as an act of mercy to everyone I know, because I’m ridiculously excited about this stuff and will burble about it given the slightest indication of interest, and hopefully writing it down will quell me.

I’m not quite done; still have some belt-pockets to make up before I can apply to the Rebel Legion, but I’m super-happy with what I have so far.

20170504_074714_maskYeahhh so I literally only just noticed my cloak blends really well with the beat-up old sofa we brought back from England.  Whoops.  Anyway, the random camo pattern was a happy accident, due to the Dylon Forest Brown powder mix having variable solubility. Could be worse.  I had to tone the whole thing back with the biggest, strongest, nastiest pot of tea you ever saw in your life, because it came out of the original dye purple in a lot of places, I kid you not.  I kind of like it, actually, it wasn’t intended to look like that, but it’s beat-up looking like a Sentinel cloak, and flip, the Legion never specified solid color. And it fits and flows like an absolute dream.  And is surprisingly warm and easy to wear.

20170504_074637_maskI’ll have you know there’re two different kinds of curtain on this gear: the cloak used to be a pair of white, tab-top, canvas curtains that I picked up for a pound and used to divide my end of the room from my sister’s end for about a year, then brought home, then used briefly as a bedspread until the container arrived back, then forgot about for a while, then turned into a cloak!  Found out in the process of dyeing it that that hem is about four yards around.  The tabards and sash are made out of the horrific curtains that used to be in… I think the rumpus room, actually.  There are very, very fine golden-orange Lurex threads in places – fortunately they got tarnished, these are old curtains, man – not super-visible, and the weave is rough enough to hide what’s left, besides being a really lovely texture.  I had to line all the pieces because these were blackout drapes on a budget, which basically means they had white acrylic paint on the backs of them.  HOWEVER. Rescued-from-the-bin fabric is one of my favorite things.

The fabric for the tunic was new unbleached calico, and I dyed it in the same nasty tea as the cloak toning.  I did not expect it to come out that color, but, again, it’s kinda growing on me, and it’s not a color the Legion would object to.  A friend described it as ‘rose colored’.  (I go by Rose in my everyday life, ever since that first biology class where the tutor taking the roll looked around and asked loudly ‘where is the girl with the 1950s name?’)  I’m not used to jokes on my first name. Surname, yup, absolutely, it’s a total trainwreck of a surname.  First name jokes are unusual.  I’m keeping that one, I loved it. MA ROSE-COLORED GORRAM JEDI TUNIC, cheers, mate.

Belt is actually two belts, both from charity shops.  The wider one started out purple, the narrower one orange.  O the joys of boot polish.  Boots are from a charity shop in England.  Jeans are Tommy gorram Hilfiger that I found in a charity shop reject bin for a dollar… yes, when I got them they were bootcut and about three inches too long, but I have enough determination and optimism to make up for my cluelessness, and a sewing machine that emigrated from Scotland in the ’50s (with my grandma, who is also extremely determined but not particularly optimistic).  Problem solved.

The hair you’re all familiar with by now.  The blue thing is a colored hair elastic with a thread tassel on it that is a bit of a mish to put on, hence it’s only for occasions.

So yeah.  Gear.

Thanks for reading.

PS. I’ve been reading a lot of Space Australians lately, so I have no idea how the LATE post on the 13th is going to turn out.  Wish me luck.


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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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15 Responses to Jedi Gear!

  1. I think I need to sell my original Jedi costume to someone larger than me and just make a new one. The one I have is way too big for me, actually. (There is no way I’m parting with the tabards, though. I’ve done embroidered ones for fancy dress and they actually fit fine, when I’ve got them belted properly.


    • sarahtps says:

      Is it bad that I noticed this comment and my first thought was “I wonder if I’m bigger than Erin?” xD

      Jedi robe (and the rest) is on my list of costumes to make-or-acquire, if you can’t guess. (Currently lower-priority than my steampunk zeppelin pilot/time-traveler costume, but that’s an ongoing process as I find bits and pieces at thrift shops.)


      • Nice X-D
        I don’t know. My bust measurement is 39, waist 31, hip 40. I’m not sure what my back-of-neck-to-waist measurement is but it’s probably a little longer than most people’s. However, feel free to commission one 😉


        • sarahtps says:

          I am most definitely larger than you in every measurement except the neck-to-waist one (which is about 17 inches if I measured right; not sure if I did or not). How much would you charge for a commission? Or is that on your Etsy site? (Note that I’m not making any promises about commissioning one; I’m just looking at my options.)


    • Yeah… I had the same problem with my last one. I knew it had to be roomy – what I forgot is that it has to be tailored without looking tailored!


      • Mine is absolutely too large for me. I’m going to either sell it or give it to my brother and make another one, but not with linen this time. I don’t really like the open weave very much…


  2. sarahtps says:

    Whaaat. Your whole costume is amazing. Also fabulous. I applaud your hard work; it definitely paid off! I think the tunic is quite a nice color. I’m not sure I’d call it rose-colored, but maybe it’s just the picture- it looks more pinkish-tan to me.

    What exactly is a rumpus room, might I ask? I don’t think I’ve heard that term before.


    • Thank you!
      Um… den? Second lounge? The place where we put the furniture that’s not nice enough for the living room but too intact to throw away, the TV, the craft stuff that’s actually in progress as opposed to readily store-able, the kids when they’re making a noise, and the kids’ friends when they come over. The room in which a rumpus is acceptable.

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  3. Rumpus room! I love it. New word. New term, actually, I’ll probably write with that at some point. Your costume looks so friggin realistic. It really looks like something a Jedi would wear. (Are you sure you aren’t really an undercover Jedi?)
    What I want to make and wear is a steam-punk superhero costume. I just have to write the story to go with it. I’ve already basically drawn what it’s supposed to look like. The corset/reinforced armor thingamajig is leather and the skirt is basically past the knees ruffles and then boots of course (I’m obsessed with boots. And leather jackets. And leather, I guess.)


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