Yay Cake

Firstly to clarify: I am not one of these scary people who eats when they’re bored or stressed or what-have-you.  I more often get busy or stressed and completely forget and then oh, look, there is a bowl of horrible soggy Weetbix and a cup of cold coffee on my bookcase, how many days have they been there?

But sometimes I get to about four in the afternoon, and whoever is in charge of the Blue House (it depends what I’m working on) will loudly demand cake or custard or peanut butter or (in winter) super-spicy cocoa or (in summer) a virgin mojito (lime juice, crushed ice, soda water, mint; drink, add soda water, drink, repeat until the soda water tastes of mint rather than lime, then start over with fresh ice.)

So, because it is the end of the year and there is a chemistry exam coming up soon, the Blue House chemist (chemist-me I guess a normal person would say) is in charge mostly. She likes cake.  And my consumption of cake would tend to skyrocket, except for the tiny problem that cakes take about an hour to make and by the time they’re cool enough to eat I’m not going ooh cake want cake anymore, it’s more meh, cake, putting this away now. Which is cool for the other people in the house, but kind of annoying for me.

However.  The awepicnest thing happened.  I found this site, Kirbie’s Cravings, which has a huge array of microwave mug-cake recipes most of which involve things I’ve never heard of (see, Sarah, this is why I ask you random questions about cider and cinnamon rolls – oh, and Baral Favain has come back!) and also a really, really good basic mug cake base recipe that you’re supposed to put blueberries in but can put literally anything else too.  And it takes about two minutes to mix and one to bake, so the chemist is reaaaally happy.  She says cake, I say what kind?  I did a ‘breakfast-flavored’ one the other day, with coffee powder and peanut butter and cornflakes for a little texture.  I thought it was pretty okay. My family thought it was really not.

And so.  Because I am a (moderately) nice person and I like to share my exciting discoveries (yes, this is why my brother is listening to Captain Jack’s Theme; I accept all responsibility for that one) I thought it would be cool to make mug cakes for dessert one evening.  So I did cinnamon-chocolate ones, using the basic recipe and half-tablespoon of cocoa and a pinch of cinnamon and a little extra milk to get the consistency right.  In theory it should look something like this:

In practice it looked more like this:

I don’t know, maybe American mugs are smaller to make the mixture come right up to the rim like that.

And the texture inside the cake was okay too:

And it tasted great.  I mean, chocolate cake, of course it’s great, but still.  Kind of fudgy and you could just pick up on the cinnamon, and crispy on top which I suspect it wasn’t meant to be but okay, whatever, it was unexpectedly awesome and the household nuke knows better than me when it comes to cake, apparently.

So yeah.  That’s what I’ve been getting excited about lately.  (I mean, the family and Walter and Rachel know the other main thing I’m excited about today, but it kind of pinpoints me as to who I am, so not reaaally the kind of thing I can share on a public blog.)

Thanks for reading.


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11 Responses to Yay Cake

  1. sarahtps says:

    You already heard my excitement over mug cakes in general in email, so I shan’t repeat it here. However, the blueberry mug cakes look delicious, and I looked at the recipe myself and then sent it to my family. So they can try it even if I can’t (unless we manage to have them over Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving currently involves potential for a great many desserts already).
    Also, on the chocolate mug cakes- the sinking bit happens for us too. I’m 99% certain that either the recipe people overfill their mugs or their mugs are actually not as large as they look. Anyway. Chocolate mug cakes are delicious, and yours sound like no exception. We often put m’n’ms on top of ours, which is quite yummy.
    Finally, glad to hear that Baral Favain is back, and good luck on your exams!

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  2. WM says:

    I became consciously aware of the existence of such a cake just last week, and almost immediately concluded I’m glad we don’t have a nuke-machine. Such a combination of awesomeness and convenience would be dangerous in my hands. But you are responsible and you share, so I am very happy for you! 🙂
    Glad you were excited, not nervous. I’m excited for Monday! ~WM


    • Hi! Yes, you + access to unlimited cakery would be dangerous, possibly to Mr. J. as well as to you, so… I concur with your gladness.
      And yes! Working out the time difference… probably it will come up in the ridiculously early hours of Monday morning.


  3. mmmmm brownie in a mug 😀
    Also mint and lime sounds SO good… I’m trying out a peppermint white chocolate torte with semisweet chocolate ganache sometime this Christmas season. If it goes well I’ll be posting the recipe.

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  4. Yeah… Things never come out the way they look in the recipe. Still yummy though.


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