New Phone!

So today I got a new phone.

Um… new to me.

Um… one of these.


Now, this is a Nokia C5-00, which were first made in 2010, so don’t laugh.

There’s a music player on this thing so I don’t have to listen to the gum-smackers on the bus.

It has a camera.  And a reverse-facing camera so I can reciprocate when I next see my awesome friend who takes selfies with everyone.  Yes, yes, selfies are evil and prideful and shut up, O voice of George in the conscience banks.  It’s a way of recording that you were with someone you like, having a great time, without inconveniencing someone else by making them hold the camera.  Or a way of recording a really on-point makeup job so you can do it again.

I think this phone is great.  I do.  I really, really love it.  (You didn’t see my last phone.) Also I can finally use the lightsaber-power-up sound I’ve been saving for four years I swear as my text tone.  And I love that too.

However.  The best bit is the part most people ignore: the Nokia power-up graphic.  On the C5-00 this is actually pretty spiffy, not the jerky pixelated garbage the 3120c had.  I’ve put the C5-00 version in below for reference:

See?  See how cool?

And you are all going no, Rosalie, you’ve finally lost it.  I can hear you.

Bear with me.  I have some sense to make.

Okay, so I’m pretty tall, yeah? 5′ 8 1/4″ to be exact.  And sometimes that’s cool.  Because clothes fit me, and I can reach stuff, and… that’s pretty much it.  On the downside, I stand out, I stand out even more when I want to wear heels, and I cannot get – from anyone – a proper tall-person-hug.  You probably know the kind I mean; to quote Tumblr, “Getting hugged by people who are physically taller and bigger than you is amazing, it’s like being wrapped in a big warm protective heat blanket and it’s wonderful.”

They’re right, it’s great. I mean, last time I had a serious proper tall-person-hug was amazing, I was maybe twelve-thirteenish.  It doesn’t work quite right if you’re more than shoulder height on the person hugging you.

So for this reason, and sometimes but not often for other reasons, most of my own ‘personal’ characters are about 5′, 5’2 sort of height.  Because a fair bit of why I enjoy writing is that I can give my characters things I’ve never had, or will never have again. Tall-person-hugs, for instance.

So we’ll talk about Nasriel, because she’s who I’ve been working with most lately and you know her already.   Nasriel is explicitly stated (notebooked, anyway) as 1.53 m tall at sixteen, which is almost exactly 5′ and a quarter inch for you Americans. (For reference, Wookieepedia notes Qui-Gon to be 1.93 m tall which as nearly as I can tell is 6’4, and IMDb confirms.)

I personally do not like being touched, picked up (which is beginning to be a real possibility again), hugged, etc. without warning.  With warning, from my actual family, I even like it.  I like the idea of being a really touchy, cuddly person, but I’m kind of set in my ways now. However.  Nasriel plausibly can do the hugging, and ‘can-I-hold-your-hand’, and randomly falling asleep and having it be adorable, not lame, and sitting-on-lap… generally the cute, really comforting and cozy stuff that I can’t.  Because as mentioned I’m too tall and too tough-presenting to do that without looking like an idiot, and also I don’t generally trust people.

Look at the Nokia hands again.

First time I saw that graphic I was… fourteen?  I used to use a different Nokia as an iPod, with the SIM card taken out.  And I used to just turn it on and off and on and off to see the man’s hand reaching out, and the child’s hand (for me it’s always been a little girl) splay out like that to take his, like she trusts him absolutely, and his fingers curl so gently around hers and just hold for a moment or forever, however your imagination’s running that particular day.  It’s a tall-person-hug in microcosm.

It’s four seconds that make up the seeds of every character I’ve ever had come to me rather than be consciously created.

Now do you get it?

Thanks for reading.


About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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5 Responses to New Phone!

  1. sarahtps says:

    I love how you can find inspiration and meaning in something as simple as the wake-up graphic on your phone. That’s beautiful. Though now I feel sad as well that you can’t have the awesome hugs . . .
    Also, congratulations on your new phone. May it bring you much convenience and minimal aggravation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To paraphrase Joan Bauer: “I can pull meaning from a stone. My mother is an English teacher.” (Hope Was Here, chapter 10). And I still get awesome hugs sometimes, just not tall-person-hugs.
      And thank you! So far it is fine.
      Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

    I’m 5’11 ish so if we ever meet up… 😛 You should know that, if I’m comfortable with people, I will hug them, but if not I don’t feel comfortable touching or being touched in any way. Also I have a fairly large space bubble for where I live (it does actually vary…)


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