LATE Club – October ’16



It is October, and the topic for this month is When it all goes wrong: being a writer when you can’t write.

Over the last month or so I’ve been trying to do exactly that.  Yes, thank you, I am aware of the date.

It’s coming up the end of my second year of university – I’m either a sophomore or a junior, depending which end of the degree you’re counting from – and dealing with a course that used to be two modules and now is jammed into one.  And the physics lab that used to have half a floor to itself and is now one corner and half a store-room of an electrical engineering lab.  And tutoring.  And looking for a job which in the New Zealand economy is beyond hilarious.

So yeah, I can’t really write at the moment.

Which is why this is a day not-late.

I have been editing Against the Shadows.  I have been beta-reading a friend’s very excellent novel.  I have been writing, tearing up, rewriting, losing, and swearing at in Mando’a, the notes for my next project.  I have been helping translate the Bible into said Mando’a.  I have been noticing things and finding a useful setting for a murder.

At least I know where my notebook is.  (Towel, not sure.  Notebook, totally sure.)

When you can’t write new stuff?  You hang in there, you wait for the tide to go down a little, and you keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass.  Also: you read other people’s stuff.  It’s less labor- and emotion-intensive than writing, and it’s good to refuel every so often, get some new ideas.

One of my Facebook acquaintances is right into Tumblr for some reason, and keeps sending me random story prompts that people… post on Tumblr… instead of writing themselves.  The only plausible reaction is: ‘Wait, what?’

By this time next month, I will have been out of school for two weeks and still have a weekend to go before my summer job starts.  I’m going to adopt one of these poor orphan prompts – wanna join me?

Next month’s topic, for which I shall endeavor very hard to be on time, is, pick a prompt from the following orphans of Tumblr and write it.  Short story, dialogue, comic strip if that’s your thing – whatever.


Image result for tumblr story idea

Image result for tumblr story idea

Best of good plot bunnies to you all!

What do you do when you can’t write, for whatever reason?

Thanks for reading.


About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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10 Responses to LATE Club – October ’16

  1. sarahtps says:

    The Tumblr thing is in my Top Five Reasons Why I Probably Should Join Pinterest. (Because people don’t just do it on Tumblr; they do it everywhere. And I’m pretty sure you can pin stuff from other sites to Pinterest. Could be wrong.)
    Also, you’re translating the Bible into Mando’a? O_o A third of my brain is asking why; another third is asking how; and the last third is saying “I wonder if she’s procrastinating.” Sorry. (Swearing in Mando’a does not surprise me at all. You’d be surprised how many of my friends do that.)
    Good luck with school and tutoring and work and writing and life in general. My post will be up in the next few days- it’s actually written already, but today is reserved for Friday 5s.


    • I think you can… I get irritating ‘Pin It!’ buttons when I hover on things too long, and I don’t even have Pinterest.
      Also, not alone, I’m just contributing to a project. Mando’a – language – see word in Bible – see Mando’a does not have word – coin word – translate Bible and enhance Mando’a dictionary at same time.
      I am in fact not procrastinating; even now I have small amounts of free time, just it’s not the sort that lends itself to proper writing. (Comes in small bursts rather than sensible blocks; not good for things that take long-term concentration.)
      Thank you. I may need it.
      And I look forward to your post.

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      • sarahtps says:

        Good to know.
        Ahhhh. Got it. That makes sense. Both the Bible-translating and the not-procrastinating. (I get the same kind of free-time-bursts; it’s why I’ve read a lot but haven’t written much.)
        You’re welcome, and thank you.

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  2. I feel you, girl. I want to write the “You’re my favorite character and I want to change the ending” one X-D


  3. blessings, good to hear from you,


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