LATE Club – August ’16


Happy August, y’all!  Okay, so you may have noticed War Stories wrapped yesterday (after almost exactly eleven months – it started here!), and the Blue House is in a tiny bit of chaos as a result, what with there being a party going on and the WIPlanning folk moving in to start work.  So we’ll have to work around them to get this post written.

The prompt was Write a prospective sidekick’s application letter to their dream mentor.

I’ve not had much free time lately – I am, again, doing that TV thing I did last year, and while I really enjoy it, it takes up a lot of time – so I did a bunch of short notes rather than full letters.  Some of my characters, some canon characters.

  1. Dear Captain Harkness, Since Torchwood has gone all international since the Miracle, would you be open to considering a New Zealander as the sixth member of your team?  I’m studying chemistry and physics at the moment, and I’m quite handy with computers, and knowing random useful things, and sort of useful with swords.  I can get myself to Cardiff if you’ll have me.  Please say yes.  Yours sincerely, Rosalie Sorensen.
  2. Dere Mother, i am big enuf enuohg to fite bad gys guys with you and be a super-hero-een like you said I shold be one day.  Plees can i be your side-kick now?  Love from Zielonya.
  3. Dear Sir Gawain, now that Terence has gone back to Avalon, would you be needing a new squire?  You’re kind of my favorite knight ever and frankly, while my swordfighting is fine for the modern age, it’s not up to medieval scratch.  So I could use a teacher, and I figure you could use someone to do the cooking and help look after Guingalet and not get upset when there’s magic around.  Hoping to hear from you by return of raven, I remain, yours sincerely, Rosalie.
  4. Dear Qui-Gon, Master Alann says now Anakin’s here you’re going to train him instead.  What do I need to do to change your mind? Because I really really want to be your Padawan when I’m older.  And you said I could be. Nasriel.

Going to have to knock off there.

Next month’s topic is The perfect ending So you’ve written a story, and now you just need to tie it off neatly – what makes an ending perfect for you?

Thanks for reading.

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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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4 Responses to LATE Club – August ’16

  1. sarahtps says:

    The third one’s my favorite. How old was Starlight when she wrote the 2nd? 4? 5? She’d have to be pretty young, given what I remember about her history. (Also, I just realized . . . she has the hardest name in the history of ever for a small child to have to be able to spell.) And then the 4th one is just awwwwwww.


  2. blessings, good to hear from you


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