No, it’s not the next chapter – sorry.  Blue House update: we are currently discussing with Captain Jack (and no, probably not the one you’re thinking of) why he cannot, may not, no, transplant his favorite holding cells into the Temple basement.

This post is not about updates, though, it is this:

Dear Australian who racked up 35 views in an hour, and more yesterday:
I’m glad you’re enjoying Against the Shadows so much.  Are you someone I know IRL or are you a stumble-upon?  Either way, welcome to the madhouse!  Feel free to leave a comment.
Yours confusedly,


About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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13 Responses to Question

  1. Is Harkness rebooting Torchwood again? I suppose I should be careful of offering to take him off your hands for a while, because Eight is currently primary in my mind palace, because of script-writing duties. And Harkness would flirt. I’ve got impressionable Younglings on my hands. :-S


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