LATE Club – March ’16


It totally is still March 13 over here!

So anyway, the prompt for the very first installment of the LATE Club blog chain is: Tell us about a character you created who will probably never appear in a novel.

I have quite a few of these, so I’ll just have to pick a favorite.

At present the least likely to be worked into the current WIP (where P is for Planning!) is Kathy.

Kathy is from Minnesota, and has very fair, straight hair, and dark-brown eyes.  She was born in Mission City, Minnesota, either in February 1952 or February 1953, depending on whether you prefer to watch earlier or later seasons of a certain TV show.  The name of the town should give that away.  So, yes, she was originally intended as a fanfiction character, for a fanfiction novel, which I have since realized I probably can’t write.

She was absolutely named after one of the many characters I hate in Withering Depths, but I tried to make her less drippy and pathetical.  She may or may not have had a brief stint as a singer working with rock star Julian Joyce in New York in ’73 – that part is published on the Shadows as That’s Showbiz.  Shortly after the events of that story, Kathy was going to have run away with a Latin-American field hand and had her brother’s cop friend go after her, only to lose track of her at a chapel in San Antonio.  At one point she was married to a Colombian Formula One driver, and had a daughter called River.  At one point I think she was murdered by someone connected to the Lindo cartel out of Cali.  She may or may not have anything to do with Department 135, which in turn is intended to show up in the WIPlanning.

Oh – this is Kathy.


And… oh, yeah.  Kathy started out as MacGyver’s kid sister, which is ten points on the Mary Sue scale right there without even adding in the fact that her parents are both dead. (The dead parents thing is kind of a given if she’s his sister.)  It was going to be a gosh-awful Mary-Sue-fest of  super-80s cheesiness, but I think I can change enough names and warp enough details – someday, when I’m grownup and tasteful – to turn this into a workable and unrecognizable publishable un-fanfic fanfic.

The main use she has right now is as a springboard, for if I need someone to go explore ’70s or ’80s America for me – as such she has had many exotic adventures: largely unpublished, almost all mutually exclusive, and most of them not featured in her little resumé above.

Next month’s prompt – for which I shall be posting a spiel on April 13 and with which you may do what you will – is: The importance of tea in the fusion and diffusion of general angst.

Best of luck to you all – I shall be writing about Twinings and rose-patterned teapots, among other things.

I know this has been really short, but it is getting late… late, hah… and you have already had a full chapter out of me today, so go easy, folks.

Thanks for reading, and MTFBWY.


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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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8 Responses to LATE Club – March ’16

  1. sarahtps says:

    IIIII may or may not have forgotten about this. However, I’m a day behind you so technically I have all day to get it up on the day and then plenty of time after as well. (Also, I’m forgetting a lot of things of late because . . . well, mostly because of trying to fund the next four years of my life and find someone to live with for those next four years and doing school and editing in between.)
    Kathy sounds like an interesting character . . . even if I’m not familiar with the show she was based out of.


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  3. sarahtps says:

    So I finally actually did this. Sort of. I combined it with Friday 5s because I needed a topic and I couldn’t pick a single character. I didn’t think you’d mind.


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