The 777 Writing Challenge

From – ahem – Erin’s tag of six months ago.  The deal was, turn to page 7 of your current WIP, count down seven lines, and then tell us what the next seven lines are.  I mostly write shorts that don’t go to five pages, much less seven.  However, yesterday my current WIP finally stretched to seven pages and twenty-three lines, so I finally have enough material to do this challenge.  Hope it was worth waiting for, Erin!

Tonight we are bound back to Laerdocia.

Oddly for him, Qui-Gon is upset, and not hiding it from me. I think he’s afraid I won’t be able to handle it. I think I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle it. Since we’ve been together again, sometimes it’s hard to tell who started worrying about something first: him, or me. I am still bothered by the chain of events that started last time I was at Laerdocia, and though I meditate on it every day I am no closer to finding an answer: what have I learned?

Re-nominating Erin – because it doesn’t count as back-tagging if it’s been half a year, come on – and because I’d love to see even just a tiny bit of that Sids thing you had planned… hint hint.


About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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3 Responses to The 777 Writing Challenge

  1. Um… which one? I’m not sure which one you meant… I’ve been working on several stories with Sidious…. coughs Sorry.
    I can get back to work on it, if you remind me which one…


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