So I’m back, and I’ve got a hua of a lot of plot bunnies to get through – one of them’s demanding two versions, you’ll see that soon – but in the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with a dollmaker and wanted to show you guys this:


Not sure how much explanation that needs… I’ve got a framed ‘photo’ of Rasla and Kanxei on my bookcase, and that gets plenty of weird looks too.  The tricky part was putting in the markings, ’cause Paint doesn’t like it when I try to get the shading in on the triangle.  (And I remembered just in time that Nasriel has a tattoo on her left hand, not her right!)

Just thought y’all might like to see one idea of what a couple of my characters looked like.  I’m still not totally happy with Kijé, but I doubt I’ll ever be until I meet him for real.  This is too manga, and that’s the wrong haircut for him but all the others were all either screaming Ranger or else too girly, so I guess it’s as close as I’ll get for now.

I’m pretty content with how Nasriel’s turned out – especially the skin tone, I just about went wild when I saw that, I was so happy someone had exactly the right blue – think I got the texture of her hair right as well.  Though given the length this is either AU or What-If Universe.

And then this was the other thing I made – this one’s real Galaxy – I love Excel, couldn’t live without it.  This didn’t come over quite as clear as I’d hoped, but it’s mostly legible.


So I made a new notebook with the Republic crest on the front, and pasted this into the front cover, opposite a spiel in Aurebesh that I basically copied from a New Zealand passport.  Hey, I ever get searched, some cop’s going to be seriously weirded out.

Thanks for reading.



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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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4 Responses to ArtDump

  1. Well, either he’s weirded out, or he’s like “A fellow Star Wars fan. Nice.” 😛


  2. sarahtps says:

    I’ve seen that dollmaker! I’m not a fan of it, though. 😛 I can’t get characters to look the way I want them to. Still, cool that you could!
    Also, I like the second thing. I don’t entirely get it, I guess, but it’s still cool.


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