When OOCS is actually funny


I’m sorry.  This is just so utterly, cor-blimey out of character, there was nothing I could do but burst out laughing when I saw this.

In the computer lab on campus.



Incid, I have been doing a little reading… as you do… and reached a conclusion.  I still don’t like Disney, but this is largely because of Wernher von Braun rather than Star Wars.  Disney are producing more Star Wars material.  This is a good thing.  Disney are producing more Star Wars merchandise.  This is a good thing.  Disney have tried to delete Siri, and this is not a good thing, but the glory of fandom is that I don’t have to accept deletions.

I still don’t accept many of the rumors that have been flying (Some of the stuff about Lupita Nyong’o?  I have a bad feeling about this, Master!) and if it turns out they’re Disney-canon, I still won’t accept them.  However – no, revenge is not the Jedi way – I’m not getting revenge but this is as close as it gets for me – in response to the reaction of my physics teacher to my comments about Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, basically everybody Old Republic… this was last semester, he obviously made a big impact… Stop.  Rosalie is getting confused.

Okay.  Y’all have heard that the best way of getting revenge on someone is by refusing to be like them?  I am getting revenge on the physics teacher by stopping right now dissing The Force Awakens et al.  I am not going to be one of those grumpy grownups who thinks that only the ones in cinemas when they were kids are worth watching.  I am allowed to think that Episodes I-III are the best, but I’m not going to say anymore that any others are corny or tacky or just plain Not Star Wars.  Mr. Lucas said nine.  Nine it shall be.

These are my rules.  I’m counting on you guys to hold me to this.

  • Anything OOC that Disney does to Obi-Wan or Qui-Gon or Mace Windu or Yoda counts as character assassination – they aren’t Disney’s to assassinate.  This is not like Harper Lee and Atticus.  I’m allowed to complain about such OOCS.
  • Anything OOC that Disney does to anybody else also counts as character assassination. I’m allowed to complain about such OOCS.
  • New characters whose existence is not an OOCS of an existing character – I can’t complain that ‘they don’t fit’ or ‘they’re wrong’.  I can dislike them, but only as characters, on the same basis as any other character. (E.g. I dislike Jar Jar, but don’t say he’s ‘wrong’.)
  • I may not complain about anything being ‘wrong’.  If it’s in the film, and it’s not OOCS, it’s canon, so it’s ‘right’.  (But The Force Awakens is still a stupid title – but then so is The Phantom Menace when you haven’t seen the film.)
  • Disney Star Wars films will henceforth be referred to on this blog under the same system as other Star Wars films, to indicate that they are considered to be on a level: The Force Awakens is tFA.
  • Events of tFA forwards, OOCS aside, will be considered canon.

I’m crazy, I’m crazy… but I will not grow up to be like the physics teacher!  It is unethical for me to growl about tFA and then complain when old people growl about tPM.  So I’ll stop growling… but I won’t stop complaining.

Rant over.

Thanks for reading.



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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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7 Responses to When OOCS is actually funny

  1. Oh my goodness… that gif…
    I’m sorry, I just had this hilarious mental image of Anakin moping around as an adult and Qui-Gon telling him he was an idiot, and then telling Obi-Wan the same thing because Obi-Wan hadn’t told it to Anakin. That would probably have fixed ALL the problems in the Prequels right off X-P
    Basically, Obi-Wan’s an idiot for not knowing what to do with people-getting-emotional (including himself)–get smart, sirrah. Because if you can’t handle a teenager you’ve never met before suddenly crying into your shoulder… well, if you could handle it, you’d be better equipped to deal with the galaxy at large. And Anakin’s an idiot for moping and not doing something about it. 😛


    • But he wouldn’t say that! (To Obi-Wan, maybe, though not in so many words. To Anakin, no.)
      a) Ani was nine – and yes, Obi-Wan should, reasonably, been able to handle that.
      b) Yes, in many ways Anakin is an idiot.


      • He might, when Anakin was older. Also, Qui-Gon can be pretty blunt. 😛


        • Awyeah. (You’re right, he can. AU’s running rings around me just now…) Thing is… Obi-Wan, yes, because we’ve seen him when he’s a little older. Anakin… no definitive data, but based on what we’ve already seen, probably.


          • Yeah… I’ve got Arden running around causing trouble because he looks like Ewan McGregor. -_- And that means he looks (a little bit) like Obi-Wan. Wait, Arden looks more like Andrew Hayden-Smith (who was on Doctor Who), actually. But he looks enough like Obi-Wan to cause confusion. Normally, though, you can tell them apart because Arden wears a long, dramatic leather coat and Obi-Wan’s like “leather…ugh.” Also, Obi-Wan’s hair is longer and more orderly.


            • Alaslkdjfas! I want to know no more about this Arden! (Unless he’s from Faversham. Then I’m desperately interested, Voice resemblance or no Voice resemblance.)
              Fine. Fine. You’re driving me up the wall, I’m going to go away and deal with this sudden influx of bunnies you seem to be delighted to plague me with today.


              • He’s kind of an anti-hero. Part detective and part wizard–only, his powers only work when he’s dreaming (which takes humans into an alternate dimension, where they have Adventures. Arden knows he’s dreaming and has got enough control over the unrealistic stuff in his dreams to be only limited by the limits of his imagination. I guess you could compare him to the Green Lantern? Maybe?)
                Not intentionally! dives under table


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