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We are – ahem – still officially on hiatus, and having catastrophes and meltdowns in the AU sector of the Blue House to boot, but Sarahtps over at Light And Shadows is rather good at tempting people out of seclusion.  (And the pingback counts as a notification that I’ve done this.)

Ten favorite screen characters, and pass it on.  Whoo.  Um… I think I get to pull some role models again… and some people I just randomly think are cool but not necessarily role models… and can I have Aquaman? ‘Cause they totally are going to do a movie, but not for a few years.  No, can’t do Aquaman yet?  Aw, okay.

So.  First up, given that I’m working AU and not standard Galaxy just now, would have to be Qui-Gon Jinn.  Naturally.


Please forgive us if we’re being just a tiny bit obsessive over here, but he’s in and out of the office all day and I do miss him desperately when he’s not.  And Qui-Gon is kind, and enormously patient (c’mon, he trained Obi-Wan Kenobi, now that would take patience!) and perfectly happy to bend the rules – and still plenty scary if you get on his wrong side.  And some of this is headcanon, and a lot of it is from JA or ruth baulding, but… Qui-Gon’s really good at getting it when someone close to him is all worked up about something, even if it doesn’t seem like that big a deal to anyone else.

Second in the list (naturally) Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Let’s pick on a different picture here, ’cause Obi-Wan can be pretty darn intimidating too, when he has to be.  (I mean, the Grievous faceoff?  And on the Council.  Wow.  Would not want to be up against that.)


Obi-Wan… what can I say?  You’re a flawed Jedi, and a genuinely good man, but not without having to work hard every day to remain so, which simply goes to make you too perfect for words.

Thirdly – surprisingly to some, perhaps – Atticus Finch.


I felt like he deserved a place, especially since the publication of Go Set a Watchman.  Technically, Harper Lee’s making him a racist in her sequel isn’t character assassination.  It sucks, but it isn’t character assassination.  Merely character development: he’s her character, for Force sake!  What I say about Nasriel goes; what Lee says about Atticus goes.  End of.  (What Disney say about any Star Wars characters does not go.)  Also, when I was quite small I had a thing about Gregory Peck, which I suspect contributes somewhat to this placement.  But… yeah.  Atticus Finch was a good dad.  And a good lawyer.  And had some serious guts to take the case he did.

Okay, yes, MacGyver.  How could I leave him out?


The funny bit is (and there’s a pun in here if you speak French), the main things that put Mac on this list are his hands, his outrageous tendency to risk life and limb to help other people, and that faintly embarrassed smile he does when any normal person would laugh outright.  I’m sorry, but back in the mid-to-late 1980s, the MacGyver actor had exceedingly beautiful hands.  And a rather lovely accent.  The haircut… did not ruin it for me.  Even Sam did not ruin it for me.  In fact, I still – in public, in church, on campus, in fact once by accident into the Royal Courts of Justice – carry a red Swiss Army Knife in my pocket, in honor of MacGyver.  Always.  It is the only red thing I generally permit to be on my person.  (A Flash t-shirt is red, but the superheroic connotations cancel out the redness.)

Speaking of superheroes, I realize that this is not, strictly speaking, a character.  But it is a characters, and I’m going to run out of space if I have to do them each separately.  Also, they don’t actually mind being lumped together like this.  I promise.


JLA, y’all.  Left to right: Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Superman, Aquaman (ha!) The Flash, Green Arrow.  Together… utterly formidable.  Except we’re missing Hal Jordan, Green Lantern.  Him and the Flash together are simply priceless. We’ve got quite the lineup!  A mindreading shapeshifter.  Two fliers, one of them with the power to make people tell the truth, the other with all the gizmos, from super-strength to laser-heat-vision and everything in between.  One Atlantean with telepathic control over all forms of aquatic life.  One Scarlet Speedster – and boy can he speed!  One brilliant archer, who is “Inappropriate as ever, Ollie, but yes,” and has a great line in deadpan wisecracks.  And Batman.  Adorable, grim, forbidding, strictly moral, obsessive-compulsive, totally focused Batman – what does he do? “I keep us all on point.”  The League is an erratic, eclectic, argumentative, rules-driven family and team, who put it out on the line every day to save others.  Using nothing other than their natural abilities.  No poison spiders.  No freaky super-soldier serums.  Just themselves.  Is it any wonder I love them?

Lord Peter Wimsey.  As a book character, utterly wonderful.  As a screen character, it must be this one: I will not accept Ian Carmichael except as a voice-actor for Lord Peter.


One only has to read the books, really.  Preferably starting at Whose Body? and operating thereafter in chronological order.  (I haven’t seen any of the television series.  This was just a convenient way of letting him in.)  And not skipping out either Ask A Policeman or the Paton Walsh books on account of its being a different author.  Sayers’ Peter is charming and silly and reluctant and wonderful – and was the means of starting me on John Donne, so he is also to blame for a fair amount of my present ludicrousness.  (Still, if reading Donne keeps me happily occupied and well away from certain persons on campus…) Paton Walsh’s Peter is older and wiser and slightly more philosophical, but still occasionally, very gravely, unutterably silly.  Which is also charming.

We seem to be a tad short on favorite female screen characters.  So we shall have Ariadne.  From Inception.  I just saw that recently and I was mindblown and dazzled.


This is not a movie still, it’s just the best picture out there of Ariadne.  She doesn’t seem to have a surname.  Ariadne is an architect, in fact the architect, the girl who designs the dreams.  She is also the first ‘strong female character’ I have met who is not in any regard a total jerk.  For instance: the scene where she goes dreaming with Dominick, and finds out what’s really going on with him and how dangerous it’s going to be for the team as a whole, which he isn’t about to tell anybody.  A typical ‘strong female character’ would insist on coming along on the job, and quite possibly have been obnoxious about threatening to tell the rest of the team.  Ariadne, on the other hand, says, “I don’t have to come, but I think you should tell Arthur.”  Best reaction.

Oh, and speak of the devil…


This is Arthur.  He doesn’t have a surname either.  He’s just quietly epic.  And I loved the ploy with the loaded die.  Frankly, watching Arthur being repeatedly tipped off a chair was one of the highlights of Inception for me.  That and the weightless sequence – I’m trying desperately not to spoiler this for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  Arthur… yeah.  He’s just more than a tiny bit cool.  And that whole thing with wearing a waistcoat over a shirt, with no jacket… I’m sorry, please go look at the new style icon over there.  (Also, this actor played Robin.  Perfectly.)

Lessee… we’re up to eight.  Just room for a couple more female characters.  Please note: this one is officially shocking.


Ladies and gentlemen, Satine not-Kryze, looking strangely like Padmé in this outfit.  Incid, it is this Satine’s Obi-Wan that prompted These Things Take Time.  Mostly because he was a prize idiot.  (Her one, not the real one.) Okay, so why is the Moulin Rouge’s star performer on a list of my favorite screen characters?  Because she’s a kriffing heroine, is why. So there’s this stupid boy who’s fallen in love with the idea of being in love, shows up and decides he’ll be in love with her.  And she does, genuinely and sincerely, love him with all her heart.  So much so that she ends up pretending she doesn’t, and sending him away, in order to save his life.  (I have no qualms about spoilering this film.)  And he says disgusting, horrible, hateful things about her.  And she still loves him.  And she still saves his life.

Um… Kayo.  Because the Thunderbirds are back, at least on New Zealand screens (that reminds me, I’m a few episodes behind), and because yes, we are still going on about Virgil, but we’ve got about our full complement of guy characters on here already.


Kayo is basically Tin-Tin rebooted, with a cooler name and a weirdly English accent, but retaining the awesome green eyes and grounding of common sense.  And I think in this version she’s older than Alan, which is like thank God we don’t have to deal with that cringe-factor.  And she still has a place on the team, and the whole Hood slog is on again.  Which is beyond epic because who knows where that will take us.

Well, that’s all, folks.  Now for the tags.  I can’t tag Sarah, and she’s already tagged Erin, so I will too just to remind her.  And a few more for good measure.  Let’s get the whole team in on this.

ErinKenobi2893, as a reminder – do at least one of them, Erin.

Irisbloom5, just because.

Proverbs31teen, again, just because.

writefury, because she is not busy with the TSS just now.

Professor VJ Duke, just because I want to know who he’ll pick.


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5 Responses to Favorite Screen Characters Tag

  1. sarahtps says:

    Wow. You did this waaaay faster than I expected, which is rather awesome. 😀
    Great picks- I’m totally not surprised about some of them and then others I didn’t expect. And then some of them I need to watch the shows they’re in, because they sound cool. nods
    (Also- meltdowns and catastrophes at the Blue House? O_o)


    • Had an hour free that I’d allotted to a tutorial, only to discover that tuts don’t start until next week.
      I promise you don’t need to watch Satine’s one. But you totally need to watch MacGyver if you haven’t already.
      (Yeah. Komari Vosa has emerged as a problem… even though she’s dead.)


      • sarahtps says:

        Ah. That’s always nice, finding you have free time you didn’t expect. 🙂
        MacGyver was what I was referring to, not Satine’s one. And also Inception; that sounds cool.


  2. familyofrose says:

    My goodness, the waistcoat thing! So you noticed that too. It’s as if you’ve met the character in my first draft. Well, in a way, I guess you have. 😀
    Was about to say I can’t believe Mr. Neeson didn’t make it onto your list, and then suddenly remembered he’s the first one. Ha.
    Glad to see you write again — hope it’s not too long ’till the next post. ~ WM


  3. Okay, I’ll play catch-up. 😛
    Also, I now have a character who is REALLY annoying and I love him anyway. (Basically, think Sherlock and much-less-nice Gandalf and the Doctor’s ability to improvise all rolled into one, with a little bit of Anakin Skywalker’s technical aptitude and sass. NOT a very nice person, not a very good person, though he’s trying, but still pretty fun.)


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