Well, That’s Unfortunate…

As many of the residents of the Blue House know only too well, names tend to come at me out of nowhere in particular, and stick like blueberry bubblegum.  Princess Hastings.  Nasriel Threeb.  Kijé Yenseh.  Baral Favain.  Saalis.

Um… it turns out Saalis is a real place.  See map below.


Admittedly, the Aaland Islands (where the real-world Saalis is) are part of Finland, the mainland of which does not use the ruotsalainen O character, but on the islands themselves the language used is Swedish, which does, which means that only a mainland Finn, or someone using a non-Swedish keyboard, or someone who preferred the traditional spelling, would actually spell it Saalis.  Everybody in the area would use Sålis. 

To any Sålisans out there: I am aware that I have said many nasty things about Saalis on this blog – I don’t mean you, I thought I’d made it all up.  To the best of my knowledge, I had never heard the word before tonight, when I decided I’d just idly Google Saalis and see what came up.

That said, my Saalis is staying right where it belongs in Sector H-13 of Wild Space, and I am going to keep world-building.  Watch this space.

Know the really cool thing?  I’m part Swedish.  I’m honor-bound to spell the real place with a ruotsalainen O, which means I still get to differentiate between Sålis and Saalis.

Thanks for reading.



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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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9 Responses to Well, That’s Unfortunate…

  1. embarrasedly looks down Umm… yes. Only my sci-fi “sister planets” Telos (or Tellus, whichever you prefer) and Ralos have been used about a million times before. “The Last Starfighter” takes place mostly on Ralos and Telos is a planet BOTH in the Star Wars expanded universe AND (I discovered only recently) DOCTOR WHO!?! And the other variant spelling, Tellus, is used for Earth in the Lensman and Starship Troopers series, which my dad reads. SERIOUSLY. Oh well, at least Telos (or Tellus) is traditional for the earth. I’m not changing the names, now. Because to me now, a Ralosian has feathers and is seven feet tall and identifies as families–rather unusual (?) for an “advanced society.” Advanced society! That’s re-dubbing a word. “Advanced society”? There is no such thing. No society really makes it all the way. Pffft. (Well, Earth civilizations, anyway. “Advanced society”! It sounds far too pompous!)


    • … Tellus is quite a common name for Earth. Telos is taken (how did you not pick that up?) but I’ve never heard of a Relos… still, given all the stubs on Wookiee, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


      • Yes, I know. Marvel uses “Terra”, though. (From Latin.)
        (It’s not Star Wars. Ralos is in an old sci-fi parody movie. Awesome movie. I think you might like it. It’s called “The Last Starfighter.” Very sixties–the fluffy curly hair and everything. Also has a nice android-trying-to-be-human-and-failing-adorably bit.)


        • Well, sucks to Marvel.
          ‘Very sixties’ is a good way to put me off anything. (The eighties was the golden age of American TV, IMHO.)


          • snickers
            Mmmm… actually, it’s a pretty good movie. (And that’s if you don’t count the horrible synthesized melodeon music that seems pretty common in that time. Grrrrrr. I don’t like the stuff. Now, the Doctor playing an actual pipe organ–that is AWESOME. (Love acoustic organ. Wish I could play. Can’t play and probably will never get the chance to learn 😦 ))


            • Our physics teacher played the DW theme through a flame organ in a lecture once!


              • A flame organ? You mean one of those resonance chamber type pipes with gas running through them and pinholes and all lit up on top so you can actually see the sound waves?! THAT’S SO FREAKING AWESOME. I just learned about them a couple weeks ago. My dad shows us all the coolest sciencey stuff. (I would pursue a degree in a science field, but I don’t think I’ll ever be much more than a dabbler in them… like Sherlock Holmes… I guess?)


                • Yeah, one of those. It came up in the most amazing shapes.
                  (Cool dad. Mine shows me stuff like car accidents.)


                  • AWESOME. X-D
                    My dad does that sometimes… He showed us a video of a guy skiing off a roof once. Which makes me wonder about his sanity and the sense of all the people who watched the video. “Don’t talk out loud, Anderson, you’ll lower the IQ of the entire street.”


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