Okay, so I’m sure we’ve all heard the news: Sir Christopher Lee is dead.  While sad, that would not usually qualify for a post here, because let’s face it, I’m not a branch of the HoloNet, just another teenager.

RIP another incredibly gifted actor.  The pool is dwindling by the day.

However, this made the news feed of the national newspaper where I live (hardly surprising) with a truly disturbing blurb. Dooku-WHAT.

Spot the odd one out in the above list…  Ouch. My best guess is a Trekkie wrote that.



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9 Responses to Ouch.

  1. facepalm One-time Jedi Master. By the time we see him, Sith Lord. sigh


      • head desk It’s painfully obvious when a media writer is a red-carpet type, not a fandom type.


        • Yeah. But still, at the very least they could get their facts right. This was the national newspaper.


          • They’re not interested in fandoms. Unless they’re from England and it’s Doctor Who. BBC has a bunch of cultural icons. Merlin wasn’t quite so popular but EVERYONE watches Sherlock. President Obama did get a lot of heat for saying “Jedi Mind Meld”, though. Um, I think that you’ve got Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up, Mr. President. (Of course, someone went deep into the bowels of the EU to confirm that there is such a thing, but it’s probably a bad thing because from what I read it led to the deaths of all the Jedi Knights involved. Not the sort of message you want to send in your State of the Union address.
            (By the way, the other day a young man dressed up as Spider-Man came by the counter, and his girlfriend was dressed up as Loki. I didn’t know what else to do and started laughing.)


            • Not in England anymore…
              Ouch. Hey, is it just over here, or do Americans think their President is an idiot too? (Last time I checked it’s only in Trek.)
              You’re kidding. It’s not Halloween yet – is it?


              • Yes. I know. (Have you ever been to Hobbiton? I’ve been meaning to ask. I wish I could go.)
                Maybe a little. I just don’t agree with his policies. I pray for him every night; he is the leader of the country, after all.
                Nope, not at all. It was even funnier because the girl’s hairline didn’t match Loki’s (she had wisps of brown peeking out of the black wig), and the guy was tanned and blond, with a beard. And he was maybe twenty, so near the right age, but… starts to laugh again just thinking about it Actually, it isn’t. I think they were going to some sort of costume party or convention. My brother, sister and I are all going to the next costume party dressed as characters from “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Jewel is Peggy, Sprite is Bucky (we’re going to buy a cheap leotard, cut the arm off, put it on him and wrap it in duct tape and then paint a red star on his shoulder if we want to do Winter Soldier Bucky), and I’m Cap. (Yes, you may doubt my sanity… but I couldn’t be Peggy, that’s my sister’s thing. Oooh, maybe we could dress up Raya, who’s five, as a little Natasha Romanoff!!!! X-D That would be so adorable! Or, even cuter, a little Falcon… I guess the decision is up to her, since I wouldn’t want to stuff her into a costume she hates. I guess I could make the shield by gluing colored corrugated plastic pieces on top of each other…)


                • (Nope. It’s half an hour’s drive away, but nope.)
                  Sounds like fun… we had an old Sky dish I was just itching to turn into a shield, but then Dad went and sold it. WAAHHH!


                  • (I’d like to visit it. Just to take photos, even. I love photography, I just don’t have much of a chance to make it a hobby…)
                    Oh… hugs you If only there were actually lightweight aluminum replica ones, just heavy enough to keep from denting or bending when exposed to casual force. I really don’t like the plastic versions. They’re stupid and look like the props from the reputedly horrible movie they made in the 90’s (before making the reallyreallygood ones. I think the Winter Soldier was the best movie to be released in 2014, to be honest.)


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