Introducing Starlight

This will – I hope – some day end up in another place entirely, but for now I’ll just put it up here. Discovered by Pythia in a shoebox in the back of a closet and published to make up for Aunty Star refusing to give me anything about her history. My name is Starlight. My story is complicated. Allow me to elucidate.

I was born, same as most superheroes, and… actually, same as most normal people. My mom was one of us, one of the community, but I never really saw much of her. It’s the old working-mom problem, multiplied a few thousandfold. She’s fully metahuman, you see: high-grade powers, full-on busy life. So I was raised mostly by her sisters and mother off in the middle of nowhere until my powers started to manifest, when I freaked out big-time and went off to find my own path.

It turned out – when I finally ran into Mom in the middle of a supervillain case that the entire community was pulled in on – that my father was 100% mortal, and she couldn’t handle the idea that her kid might be too. So she went to Olympus and asked Sarpedon, one of the demigod heroes, if he knew of anything I could have.

Being a pretty nice guy overall, Sarpedon offered ten years of phase-changing powers, as the best he could do. Phase-changing essentially means I can turn any substance in any of the three states (liquid, gas, or solid) into any other of the states. I can do plasma-state, but only with liquids and gases. In other words? I can walk on water or through walls, stand on air,  or drink a peanut-butter sandwich. And those are just the gimmicks.

Handcuffs to restrain a crook? I’ll get a pair literally out of thin air. Sarpedon kept it tidy; I have to think out specifically what I want. So I have to say in words inside my head, I want the air in the form of a pair of handcuffs around this guy’s wrists to solidify, and remain solid until I choose otherwise. And it will. Believe me, when you’re falling off a building, you learn to think really fast. So anyway, from when I was eight, that was pretty fun.

The powers are starting to fade now; I’ve lost the plasma controls, and I sometimes have to repeat myself or say it out loud before anything happens. I’m still working in my kid persona, Little Marvel, with the green leggings and the high ponytail – cute and nonthreatening, until I get going – but as the powers fade I’m working less and less, so someday Little Marvel will just… poof, gone. By the time I’m nineteen the powers will be completely gone.

I can cope with that too: I’ve been taking lessons in non-meta work from one of the best guys in the country, and I’m going to go live with my brother and his wife, who are both non-metas in the community. I’ve got a persona to use over in Foundry City, and I work that – Starlight – over weekends, just to ease into it. I’ll fall on my feet. It’s that or die, for our sort.

Brother? Oh, yes. I met my father when I was sixteen. I was arresting him for robbing a jewelry store in Breakwater Bay, where I worked. And from there I met my half-brother Paul, and we get along fine. More about all that some other day. Well. That’s me.


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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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  1. I still need to work on the blog. It’s slow going. Basically, I keep having to type everything in in Word and then see if I can c&p it into a new site later. :-S

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