Bruck – 18BBY

This one’s a little shorter. Kind of a fill-in-the gaps, because the girls (Padmé last time, Nasriel next time) happen to be a little upset, and not really up to dealing with continuity for you. So Bruck volunteered.

Xan, this is crazy. I mean, really. Nuts. How long does Ani think he’s going to get away with that? Not just one baby that’s dead-certain to grow up just like him, but twins. Who ever heard of Force-sensitive twins anyway? Hang it all, who heard of married Jedi anyway? I mean, Master Mundi aside.

I know we were all told – nice of Anakin to let the family know before one of our kids worked it out. And I know Yoda knows, but with Padmé coming by every week or so, supposedly to talk strategy with the Great Negotiator, how long is it going to be before Ali Alann or someone else puts two and two together? I mean, they all know she’s Luke and Leia’s mother, that’s in the paperwork. Putting undeclared for their father was cute, but won’t last. It never does.

And there is going to be a real chizzk-storm the instant anybody on Council gets just the faintest little hint our Ani is not only the father of the twins, but married, and not only married, but quite successfully so for the last two years with nobody suspecting. Dear Force, the Altistians would be the only Jedi who’d ever speak to him again! And the whole family from Qui-Gon down to Ahsoka knew about it all along, so we’re in as much trouble as Anakin if this gets found out. Why can’t Obi-Wan think before promising to keep secrets for people?

Speak of the devil… Obi-Wan! Hey, where have you been? Where is everybody? Tahl’s still in the Archives, I knew that, but anybody mission-fit? Okay, yes, Anakin’s at Christophsis. Why? Top secret, you don’t have to tell lowly old me that.

Qui-Gon and Nasriel are still out hunting? Just – humor me, yeah? – what exactly are they going to do if they find him? Poor little Witch must be getting pretty sick of looking for Master Dooku. In total, she’s been doing it for three years, and the mess that made him walk out wasn’t her fault anyway! How come Qui-Gon’s allowed to keep looking even when there are war missions piled up on everybody’s datapads?

It – what? How is finding the last of the Lost a war mission? Obi-Nobi, you’re making no sense.

Okay, now you’re making a scary amount of sense. Let me get this straight: Since you killed Grievous at Utapau, Dooku is the only one who knows the identity of the Sith Lord. The Sith is the guy pulling the Seppies’ strings, so kill him and the puppet falls in a crumpled heap, leaving us with a nice simple mop-up job for the next ten years or so. Well, yeah, I guess that beats fighting an organized enemy, but not by much.

Say again slowly. Qui-Gon is going after Dooku… basically on Padmé’s say-so. If he finds him, he’ll try to convince him to tell us who the Sith is, and then? Oh, come on, you don’t honestly believe Dooku would allow himself to be brought back to Coruscant to stand trial. And another thing: what with that bad time last year… it was touch and go for a couple days there. Certainly Nasriel – and probably you – were going mad with worry. Qui-Gon’s not as young as he was. Is he going to survive this?

It’s mad. It’s a crazy, mad, insane mission only a politician could think of. And you Council guys aren’t just talking Qui-Gon into it – everybody knows what he thinks of crazy and impossible ideas – but you’ve tossed Nasriel in at the deep end as well. Did it not occur to you that she’s only nineteen? Did it not occur to you that she’d maybe like to live to Knighthood? Obi-Wan, this is tantamount to murder. Did Yoda approve this, or just grumble and tell you he didn’t mind either way?

Okay, be that way. Tell Nasriel – next time you call them – that if anything… happens… Xan or I would be more than happy to keep an eye on her for a year or so. Just in case.



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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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