Kicking Buckets

Listen, Erin, buddy – there is precisely no difference between your interesting tag and a more orthodox ‘award’. And my stuff is currently sitting in piles between here and Kiros (good story, Battle of Kiros – look it up under Obi-Wan Kenobi on Wookieepedia – though the stuff about masquerading as a bounty hunter seems a little… far-fetched. I looked it up because I saw a SW Lego set that had a figurine looking truly weird and it said it was meant for Obi-Wan, and that… disturbed me, so I had to research. That said, I do now ‘get’ what baulding’s Shades of Grey was all about – even if Obi-Wan would have disapproved of the title as an unnecessary pun. That was the longest parenthesis of my career) and I’m not sure where my head is let alone my pens. But anyway.

You wanted me to link back to your post: done. This will show up on your blog as a pingback, which counts as notifying you.

You wanted me to tell ‘three to seven’ things I want to try, and three to seven more I don’t think I’m very good at.

First question first:

  1. I want to try a crossover that doesn’t go all to pieces on me. I mean, our authorly tennis-game on the Padawan Halls play was amusing, but didn’t have a satisfactory ending, so it doesn’t count.
  2. I want to write a publishable story set in a real place without changing the little details like what planet it’s on.
  3. I want to have another go at humor. I always end up rereading my ‘funny’ stories a few days later and either cringing or getting depressed.
  4. I want to (have to?) write this thing with a real person playing a specific character. And include Lake Como for some reason. (And if anybody ever films Breaking Point, Rachel, yes you may play Carys.)
  5. I am going to write an original novel and actually finish the damn’ thing.
  6. I want to track down every disconnected story beginning, middle, and end I wrote while practicing for that darn language exam, and I want to use them.

Second question second:

  1. I’m quite bad at not falling in love with my own – or borrowed – characters. This can make things tricky when I have to kill/maim/injure them. Though I do still believe I will someday meet Kijé Yenseh in real life.
  2. I am (as I mentioned before) very bad at deliberate humor. Still working on it.
  3. I cannot for the life of me keep a plot tidy for any more than about three thousand words. I’m often asked – sometimes asked – someone once asked me – how I manage to fit a whole story into three thousand. The short answer is: because I hate packing into a large suitcase, and it’s no different with wordcount. I always think that if I’m using that many words, I must be drabbling somewhere. I’m hugely (probably illogically) proud of Breaking Point, because it is the longest sensible thing I’ve ever written.

So. Am I done? ‘Cause I’ve got just the cutest little thing that Hiccup put me onto, and I want to start on it. And you won’t see it until sometime February.


About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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3 Responses to Kicking Buckets

  1. The difference between this and an award, Rosalie, is that an award is given while a tag is passed on.
    All joking aside, the reason this isn’t an award is because why on earth would you give it, it’s not like a ‘hall of fame’ type thing, it’s asking writers to tell us about their flaws for goodness sake! So maybe there’s an award for people who are humble enough to do just that, but… still. Doesn’t quite fit in as an award.


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