Best Buddies Blogs

Or words to that effect.


Blog award.

Umpteen zillion questions to deal with in the middle of the illimitable but invisible differences between alkanes and alkenes and precipitates of white lead and antimony. Any chemists out there, call me.

Erin: questions.

Not passing it on because I have precisely one buddy on the Press and according to time-honored rules, you can’t tag straight back.

1. If society was clipped up Divergent-style and you had to pick a faction, which of these factions would you choose: Truth Seekers (scholars, archaeologists and explorers), Protectors (military and police forces), Aristocracy (leaders and rulers), or Underworld (spies, black-ops units)?

Underworld. Doh. I’m a Sentinel.

2. Are you more like Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes? (Be honest and objective! :-P)

Unfortunately, Mycroft.

3. For the library aficionados, what book do you not own that you would like to read again?

C.S. Lewis, the Dark Tower. I did own it, but it got loaned and then she moved house.

4. If you could re-write any pop culture catchphrase, which one would you re-write and what would it mean in its new form? 😉

Not sure what the question means.

5. What’s your number one underdeveloped character in a published work? (I mean, who is your favorite character that you wish the author had developed more?)

Lord Hastings in Shakespeare’s Richard III.

6. Frozen or Rise of the Guardians? Why?

Frozen. Haven’t seen any of RotG.

7. Tangled or Brave? Why?

Tangled. Haven’t seen either, but told fewer corny faux-Scots accents.

8. Do you prefer birdwatching or stargazing? Why?

Stargazing. Blaise Pascal.

9. Favorite Lion King character and song!

Haven’t seen.

10. When you’re about to leave the house, what’s the first thing you grab?

My fountain pen, and I check my notebook is in my jeans pocket.

11. Do you prefer the forest, mountains, or ocean?

Ocean. Grew up on a small island.

12. Do you sing in the shower?

Do I have to answer? The shower-bathroom is right next to my parents’ room, so I try not to. (Sometimes. In Latin or French only.)

13. Gardening or fiber crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet) or sports? Favorite sport?

Please note three questions here. On the whole I prefer embroidery. Favorite sport (have never seen a game, never played myself, but follow a team religiously) ice hockey.

14. Do you have a particular official spot where you hang out with friends? (Mine was the library in my hometown. Now it looks like being Barnes&Noble, since it’s close to the university…)

Yes. WordPress.

15. Apples, oranges, grapes, or strawberries?

Apples. Green if available.

Happy now? I’m supposed to be going out to watch foxes &c. tonight but I was actually having quite a lot of fun causing havoc with Obi-Wan and some Seppies… not to mention my thrilling real life which currently consists of trying to pass eight exams in as many days!


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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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21 Responses to Best Buddies Blogs

  1. Your a Sentinel?! I think Obi sings in the shower.


  2. God bless, thanks for the encouragement and support.


  3. says in mothering tone Just how many Separatists are you trashing out, Rosalie?


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