Status Report

Status of VJ’s Invasion: Semi-complete, no title as yet.

Status of SuperMom stories: Three planned, none written.

Status of current novel: Planned. Partly written.

Status of mind palace: Complete chaos. Over at ruth baulding’s, Legacy‘s terrible as of Chapter 22, so Rosalie’s gone all to pieces. Most recently she was seen sitting in her private office (off the library) with the blinds down and all the lights but the desk-lamp off, weeping bitterly into a cup of tea and drawing some rather violent pictures of what she would like to do to Darth Maul. She burned these before Obi-Wan saw them, and is not really in any state to work.

Nasriel is upset about some nightmares she’s been having, and Kijé is concerned in sympathy. This causes serious issues when Jedi grownups walk in on them, but Helena has been left to deal with the fireworks alone.

Matthias and Obi-Wan have been arguing to rival the least familial father-and-son pairing in the Galaxy, namely two Skywalkers. And Rosalie keeps out of it for now given the mental breakdown, but one of these days Obi-Wan will come looking for her, find the pictures, and make her come out and deal with the issue. He will present his case logically and clearly, and then Matthias will too, and Rosalie will be – still – completely unable to decide which is in the right, and will burst into tears and go away again.

In short… don’t expect to hear too much from me over the next month or so.


About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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14 Responses to Status Report

  1. Wow! (And I thought I was a total emotional wreck after Zhoa was kidnapped and Reeft and Garen were injured….)
    I wrote a really short, slightly ooc story set during the Phantom Menace. I’m considering making it a humor series… Emailing it to you now.


    • It was lovely. Thanks so much!


      • 🙂 Thanks. 😀 I wrote a similar one, only about candy dishes. Obi-Wan wanted to know why people seem to use candy for decoration purposes only. 😛


        • Answer: They only do until there are kids in the house…


          • Obi-Wan said “thank you” very gravely, and then went to (I think?) change the sheets on all the beds in one particular dorm… I’ve noticed that he generally keeps his own things very neat, but on occasion he goes around and just has a general cleaning session. I don’t know why he does that. Perhaps it’s supposed to help him think? Or is it just something he does when he’s confused or stressed?
            Anyway, it was fun last week when it was just Peter Pan, Obi-Wan, Jack Frost, and me in the mind palace, and we cleaned the whole place. I was doing all the dishes (Anakin and Sherlock have a tendency to leave their dishes in the strangest of places,) Jack Frost decided to make ice cream (I ended up helping him make the base, after several failed attempts. It doesn’t do to have Jack in the kitchen when something is heating or supposed to be hot. Either it cools down, or he gets heat stroke.), Obi-Wan was scolding us gently for not focusing on cleaning, and Peter Pan (naturally) was doing the dusting. (Even though Jack can fly, too, I can’t let him dust. Things tend to blow away in a rush of cold wind around him.) And then all of us started singing songs from different musicals. It’s nice to just have the whole mind palace to ourselves once in a while… without El’ye giving us weird looks for singing at the top of our lungs. (Oh, and Jack does a very scary Ramses when singing the Prince of Egypt. :-P)


  2. UPDATE: Given that Chapter 23 has been posted, and what happened there, Rosalie has emerged from the office, hugged Obi-Wan in pure joy (he was furious) and set to work again instantly. Qui-Gon, who hangs around the mind palace Force-knows-why but damn I’m glad he does, just laughed. And said it was all okay, and to carry on.
    So order has been restored.


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