What, again?

Erin. Liebster Award. What more need I say?


I’ve covered all the rules already, so… well, like Sheikah I’m not tagging anyone. Just in case it bounces back on me again. I have a novel to write over here!!!

You know, I think I’m going to try something a little new. I’m handing this post over to Nasriel.

Start by answering Erin’s questions, kid. Then eleven facts about yourself.

1. Why do you blog? (It’s always on there, and who am I to break tradition?)

In this case, because Rosalie asked me to. I keep a journal, mostly private. Unless Ana – Master Skywalker is home and Master Obi-Wan isn’t. Just to keep track of what happens each day.

2. What do you think of every night to help you go to sleep?

I work quadratic equations in my head. Or think over old missions and work out what I could have done to make it go better – so I can see it next time, you know.

3. What sorts of movies do you dislike? (And don’t just say violent, gory ones, since that’s a given. Or should be.)

Comedies really annoy me. Serious movies with a joke tossed in here and there are fine, but… devote a whole holo to funny fluff? Ew.

4. Do you still keep your imaginary friends around? (Most writers say yes.) If so, what are they like?

Uh… Rosalie?

Yeah, okay, I’ll take over from here. Thanks. Yes, I do. About the only one I’ve ever consciously mislaid was a very large brown bear named Bruno which I first had at the age of three. He’s still somewhere in the background, but pretty shy.

5. Do you have imaginary friends who seem to have lives and minds of their own? What are their personalities like?

Heck, yeah. Erin, this second point is the broadest question since “What are the causes of the war in the Middle East?” Most of ’em either are or soon will be around this blog somewhere.

6. Do you have imaginary friends who sit around and comment as you write? What are their names?

As distinct from the imaginary friends who take part in the stories? Nope. Usually those not working hang around and watch. Unless I’m working with a member of the Council, all but one of whom insist on a closed set.

7. Do you have a designated “Muse”? (I have Kysherin.)

I think Helena fills that role. Helena Ogilvie. I have no idea why she’s called that. She just turned up one day.

8. What outside forces and events have had the greatest impact on your outlook?

Nas, yours again.

Forces: the Force, the war – is that a force or a really long-drawn-out event?
Events: various people dying, being tossed hand-to-hand because nobody wanted me, getting captured by a couple Sith… you know, normal kid stuff(!)

9. Do you have a place (or activity) that helps you think better? When, what, and where?

When: late at night when nobody else is bugging me. Where: chemistry labs. Or the balcony in the quarters. What: I don’t understand the question. D’you mean what do I think about? A lot of the time, that’s not really any of your business.

10. What are your favorite songs to work to?

Excuse me? Saalisan over here.

11. What is the worst attack of plot bunnies you’ve ever had?


Why is it the attack you’re currently having always feels like the worst ever? I mean, it can’t be – surely? I’m almost positive I’ve never before had a novel and a fairytale and three shorts (one cute/friendly, one gory, and one hopefully exciting) all at once trying to take up residence in my notebook. Surely not.
Nasriel, back to you. Eleven facts.

Er, right.

1. I really, really don’t like talking about myself when I don’t know who’s going to be reading it anyway.

2. I love chemistry, and I’m good. No boast, this is truth.

3. I kinda miss the weird stuff that used to happen when I was with the Sentinels. Nowadays things are either pretty normal – predictable-bad, you know – or else just mediocre. Back in the day, either it was wonderful or awful, very small middle ground.

4. (This seems to be a popular way of filling out a fact.) I have had three brothers and a sister. Once upon a time.

5. I’ve traveled too far and met too many people to believe much anymore in the idea that everybody is basically good. But don’t tell Master Obi-Wan that.

6. One person (my father) loved my mother. Everyone else she knew hated her. I can’t imagine what that would be like.

7. If Master Obi-Wan tells me off one more time for sleeping in my clothes I think I might scream. They are old clothes I keep specifically for pajamas!

8. Ben accidentally knocked one of Master Jinn’s plants off the balcony and said it wasn’t his fault, Kijé and I had been playing around up there and used it to test some obscure theory about gravity. Worst of all, Master Obi-Wan believed him. But I didn’t try saying anything. What’s the point?

9. I speak Basic (obviously), Saalisan, medium-fluent Karori, and a very little Shendi with a very bad accent (according to Ben).

10. Despite what I’ve said earlier, I like Ben a lot. He’s a great guy.

11. Silly, but… I love really good cop movies. Not that there are many of those made anymore! Okay, Rosalie, I’m done.

Thanks for reading!



About coruscantbookshelf

"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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5 Responses to What, again?

  1. This was great! 🙂 It’s interesting how little we really know about other people’s characters. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your answers and facts, Nasriel! 😀
    Rosalie: This was an awesome idea. 😀 (And it’s okay that you aren’t tagging anyone else; I keep on having to make time for these too.)


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