Liebster Award



Vee gave me the Liebster Award!! THANK YOU VEE!!!

Had to double-check the rules. The award can go to any blogger with fewer than 1000 followers. (Yup, I definitely count.) Pretty much: Vee asks me eleven questions, which I have to answer, and then I have to give eleven random facts about myself (not sure why eleven, it’s in the rules) and then nominate five to eleven other people for the award. And ask questions for them.

So here goes.

1. What’s your favorite color?

Deep, deep, violet purple. The one so dark it looks almost like black. Especially if it happens to be velvet that’s that color.

2. If you could be anything, go crazy and pick up the least practical profession, what would it be?

Me? I’d design funny t-shirts. Like the one Magnussen suggested to Watson (I’m looking around for a cheap shirt to do that to.)

3. Choose a fictional world you’d like to live in, AND WHY?

Star Wars Galaxy. I covered this a while ago.

4. What’s your favorite meal on any given day?

Breakfast… I hope that’s what you meant…

5. Which song can put you at rest at the end of a long, frustrating day?

Across the Stars. Of course, if you want to cross peace with heartbreak, Let Me Teach You How To Dance. I’m listening to that now and it’s making me sad…

6. A celebrity you have a secret crush on and you wouldn’t normally admit to?

Aaand… I would say it in public… because? I know who I mean, I can just never remember his name.

7. Why is ‘Insert Your Favorite Book’s Name here’ your favorite book? 😛

The Bible, obvs. I love the obscure little stories in the Old Testament – and, of course, there’s my favorite character of all time, trumping even Obi-Wan, in the New Testament…

8. (Since everyone’s been asking this question) Why did you start blogging, and who has inspired you to do so?

On a different blog, to save time and stamps. So I didn’t have to write multiple letters home every week or so. Inspiration? Smokey. Her blog is screamingly funny.

9. Favorites Quote(S)?

“The fear of looking a fool is never a reason to do or not do anything. It is a fear born out of weakness.” – (I’ll say it quietly) Qui-Gon Jinn.

10. What is the one thing you absolutely hate about reality, right now?

Exams. Definitely. Sans exams I would be going home in September. Now it might not be until after Christmas. Sucks.

11. What would make you smile?

Ooh… Taking a walk alone at night. Obi-Wan Kenobi (obviously). Oscar Wilde’s plays – nearly any of them. Hearing that Star Wars Episode VII has been canceled. Hearing that my exams have been canceled. Hearing that the Nigerian schoolgirls are safely home. It’s what makes me laugh that’s a short list.

Okay. 11 Facts About Rosalie. Here goes.

1. My name is not Rosalie.

2. I’m glad I’m not English.

3. I sorta took a wrong turning one time and my musical taste got lost in the late ’80s. Erin and Iris have been gradually bringing me into the 21st century.

4. I do not, repeat not, play any instrument except a cassette player with any kind of finesse whatever.

5. I will read whatever you put in front of me unless I get to the point of deciding it is a) even slightly dirty, b) overly witchy, or c) boring as all nine Sith hells.

6. I’m a New Zealander and a writer but I am not a New Zealand writer because they tend to be creepy or dark or both.

7. I don’t speak Maori and only know two songs in it. I also know two in Latin, but I don’t speak that much either.

8. I am weird and proud of it.

9. I love physics and math and chemistry.

10. I’ve been in a lot of different places over the years, but the one place I love most… I’ve never physically been.

11. I love – I love – MacGyver.

Now for my eleven questions. And, as Vee said, Mwahahaha.

1. Which do you prefer: Old or New Republic, and why? (That’s Episodes I-III and IV-VI respectively, for the old people out there.)

2. Which do you prefer: Old or New Testament, and why?

3. Who is your favorite actor/actress absolutely of all time?

4. This one seems to be part of the rules: Why do you blog?

5. If you could live anywhere in this world other than where you do, where would you choose? Practicality aside.

6. Favorite dictionary: Oxford, Webster, Cambridge, Chambers, Collins – what? And why?

7. For those that write for fun: how many plot bunnies (story ideas) do you have on the go right now? How many do you think will get finished? (For those that don’t, go listen to this to kill time. Utterly epic.)

8. What’s your opinion of fictitious superheroes?

9. What’s your opinion of fictitious everyday heroes?

10. What’s your opinion of real-life everyday heroes? (Do not quote Sherlock!)

11. Have you ever been given this award before? If so how many times?

Now to choose some people…

Erin! (Dude, you knew this was coming.)

Kirsty! (my mom…)

Smokey! (suspect she’s so cool she’ll have more than 1000, but hey, no harm in trying.)

Rachel! (she’s gonna kill me for this.)

Sheikah! (because she does awepic pics.)

So. That was an education.


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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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  1. All right, all right! But I’m not making my acceptance post until tomorrow.. I still have to post my SW-week thing today… and I’ve already made one post. 😛


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