I don’t like Lancelot. Never have. Never will unless something drastic happens. There’s one prime reason why not.

So I spent all this time face-swapping a photo to make my point. Then this sneaking suspicion came over me… then I realized it’s the same damn actor and I didn’t need to do a thing.

For fixing

What is it about Santiago Cabrera and playing lecherous traitorous creepy characters? Although Aramis is pretty cool most of the way through, that was just kind of a low point in his career.

Anyway. That’s the first meme I’ve ever made from scratch. I was pretty pleased with myself.


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"A writer is an introvert: someone who wants to tell you a story but doesn't want to have to make eye contact while doing it." - Adapted from John Green
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3 Responses to I Cannot BELIEVE…

  1. Lancelot wasn’t that bad in Merlin. He was one of the only people in Camelot to know Merlin had magic. But yes, that is kind of creepy…
    (By the way, Morgana enchanted both him and Gwen in order to wreck Arthur and Gwen’s marriage… bratty witch girl needs to just grow up.)
    You’d be horrified by what they did to Gwaine in Merlin. The fellow is harmless enough but truly an idiot!
    Oh, and they took Aramis way out of character in the BBC show too. SLANDER. I liked him in the book.


    • Ah-ha. Go Morgana, nice excuse there.
      Gawain an idiot? I believe you: that’s the French connection talking. I could explain, but it takes an essay.
      I know… he was so funny in the book. Such a shame.


      • And though Galahad did not turn up in Merlin, I think that the Galahad I’ve written into my work so far is different too. He’s a compassionate, quiet young man, unlike his sister (who does not appear in the legends,) Riann (short for Brianna.) She’s not callous per se, but she is brash, reckless, and never thinks before she acts if she can help it. (So, a little more like her father. :-P)


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