Llllaaaadies and Gentlemen!  It is delightful to see you!  Welcome to the gardens of the Blue House – but before you go and get thrillingly lost, pray allow me to give you some pointers as to what you’re looking at.

The owner of this blog recognizes the Star Wars films from Episode 7 onwards as being Star Wars under different management, and acknowledges them canon but will not make any use of, or reference to, any character points revealed therein where such points contradict what is already known about the character.

Not all of the characters you will meet on this blog are from any original Star Wars book or film, but those that are are the property of Lucasfilm. Many of those that are not are explained in the Reference page (the link to which is in the top bar, along with several other useful things.)

If you look to your right (in the sidebar) you will find: a box in which you may search for whatever you wish – it may or may not be here – a dropdown box allowing you to select the kind of madness in which you wish to indulge today, a brief list of the most recent lunacies, and another dropdown allowing you to select a set era of lunacy.

Real Life is about things coruscantbookshelf gets up to when she isn’t writing – and sometimes when she is.

Against the Shadows is a Star Wars fanfiction novel written by coruscantbookshelf and ErinKenobi2893.

Manhunt is a Star Wars fanfiction novella written by coruscantbookshelf, borrowing a couple of characters from ErinKenobi2893.

Breaking Point, also a Star Wars fanfiction novel, was coruscantbookshelf’s project for Camp Nanowrimo of April 2014, and is now completed!

War Stories is a Star Wars fanfiction AU novel, and is now completed and available for free download as a full ebook!

The short stories were all written by coruscantbookshelf, except where otherwise specified.

The non-fanfiction stories are all as original as the author could make them.

The authors of these works make no profits from them of any kind.

Now that you are equipped with this map of the Blue House gardens… go forth and frolic merrily!

May the Force be with you.


29 Responses to Introduction

  1. Nasriel, in re. ongoing debate about children of Force-sensitive parents:
    “In some cases, such as those of Fionah Ti, Vaner Shan and Theron Shan, children of Jedi and other Force-sensitives were incapable of using the Force, a rare and unexplained phenomenon that occurred in random generations.”
    Found on Wookiepedia in the article on Force-sensitives. Admittedly it would be rare, but still.


  2. God bless, thanks for dropping by


  3. Sur-prise!
    😛 Just so you know. I know, I know, but it’s another way of pointing more people to your blog. 😉 You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.


  4. Please don’t be mad with me, but this is a TAG, not an award. And a new tag at that, so I’m hoping it actually starts something…


  5. Brian Coxall says:

    Would you say that Star Wars is the high tech version of the Lord of the Rings?


  6. Expect an email regarding the Teenaged Superhero Society blog shortly. 😉


  7. I’m kind of curious as to what you’re currently working on, so, 😉


    • Again, no. Right now I am working on two tight-deadline essays and one tighter-deadline Starlight story. Everything else except a few Rasla Gul poems is in hibernation until I work out how to juggle my life.


      • Okay… :-S
        I’m sort-of-back-in-the-Star-Wars-Fandom. With another AU. Figures, but this one should be pretty interesting. I think I’m subconsciously trying to figure Connor out, either that or the back of my mind keeps screaming WINTER SOLDIER FOREVER because it’s an AU where Obi-Wan was abducted successfully on Bandomeer and ended up being brainwashed, with a splintered, rather than dual–unlike Bucky–personality, as Sidious’ personal assassin, while Maul was supposed to be Sidious’s successor. Oh, and while everyone believes Obi-Wan is really ultimately loyal to Sidious he’s actually not because he goes in and frees Anakin and Shmi from slavery and puts them out of Sidious’ reach. I kind of relish the challenge of writing about these characters outside of their normal experience, I guess. Because I want him to definitely be Obi-Wan, but with a side that’s a bit… well, not necessarily darker, but certainly un-Jedi-like, than we’re used to. So basically Obi-Wan is a good person at heart and living up to his own strict code he’s come up with (since he can’t remember the Jedi code) but he feels that he’s betrayed everything he was raised to be. We’re talking a person who is genuinely kind to everyone who crosses his path but gets a little blanked-out when it comes to missions–by blanked out I mean obedient enough to Sidious–not like he’s in control of that, anyway–but still not ruthless enough for Sidious. Killing targets quickly and humanely rather than in a Sith way, and sometimes being merciful or breaking training occasionally and sparing lives, but still messed up enough that he actually goes back and reports the lives spared as failures. By then, though, these people have already gone into witness protection, so they’ll often be safe from Sidious, especially if he can’t find them–it’s too much of a risk going after them again…


  8. tiptoes up pokes you gently
    crawls under table You don’t have to if you don’t want to…


  9. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster. You’ve probably gotten it from my older sister before, sorry. You’re just one of the only people I could think of?


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